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Jarreugse   created a new thread How do I level up my island? in the Community Support forum
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teytattze   created a new thread Can't Join the Server in the Community Support forum
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Algemreon Critcal Hacks + Teleport Hacks
0 Cheating
Algemreon Hacking
0 Cheating
iMrSugar , Daito , GlassEnt , xiao_pa , Justin01313 , dizzy6108 and Perguen registered to Cosmic Craft
dizzy6108   created a new thread Promoting another server and being plain RUDE in the Abuse forum
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TheNerdyNerd88   created a new thread Concerning a Password Reset in the Community Support forum
IgneelFrost , Gaming , gaming , cvbc , iusewursthacks , Saux , LucasR , QueenBee2009 , inun0047 , nickax002 and RyanOP registered to Cosmic Craft
FireSarge   created a new thread Easter Event in the Events forum
Saux   created a new thread Server Down? 4/17/19 in the General forum
MrC , mustafa67 , zanezx212 , Fishy_Bear5 , LucarioYT and ShaChan registered to Cosmic Craft
JameCraft0   created a new thread Banned for no reason in the Community Support forum
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