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A Guide on Annihilation: Updates

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You start off in the Annihilation lobby. This is where you choose your teams from red blue yellow or green. If it says in chat “please join another team until the count evens out” it means the team is full. Join another team. There’s a panel in the right side, and displays each teams nexus health. When you mine the end block of any opposing team, it drops by one. When it reaches 0, they lose. It starts at 75 health. All ores replenish itself automagically.

How to earn exp
Anything in anni isn’t permanent, except exp and balance (buggers don’t count. Sort of like cheating). Buggers are when you do a sort of ritual of sorts when a game ends, and can keep inventory next round. The bug is removed.

There’s commands in the game, but there isn’t /seen
List of commands:
/givexp (player) (amount) gives the player exp.
/myxp shows your exp
/me (msg) is highlighted in purple. It’s a allchat command.
!(msg) it’s also another allchat command.
/info it shows the vote link.
/bal shows your balance but it’s practically useless.
/bal (player) sees the player’s balance, even offline or banned players.
/baltop shows the top players bal, and use /baltop (number) to change pages.
/pay (player) (amount) gives the player balance.
/gkit I don’t know if anyone has this... but I’ve seen alesis11 use it. I don’t know what’s inside the kit.
/echest shows a single row, where you use it to store supplies when you change kits.
/shop the kit shop.
/buy buycraft, using irl money to buy exp.
If you relog, you lose everything inside.
/enchant (or /e) can buy special enchants. Do /enchant (enchant name) to see its details. According to ProX, Allen screwed up on the enchants so the exp guide is unreliable. The common enchant is 20 or so levels, 22 or so is the rare, and the next one is 30. I never had any chance to get higher ones... to me /e is unreliable. Rather get p2.
There are trollers, so when you use a crafting table they will break it and you stop your contents. So, do /craft so they can’t steal what you’re crafting.
***if you are stuck in lobby, use /kit and choose your kit to tp back into the map***

Kits are special boosts to your gameplay.
List of kits:

0 exp Civilian : you start with this kit, leather armour and wooden gear.

2500 exp Lumberjack : the second cheapest kit, gives leather armour, sword, pick axe and eff1 stone axe.

5000 exp Archer : Gives wooden gear leather armour power I Bow, Healing I potion and 16 arrows. You also have the ability of putting flint and a wood stick together to make a arrow. (There’s a typo in /kits it says putting together flint and stucks)

5000 exp Warrior : Gives sharp 1 sword, leather gear, wooden gear and healing potion. Every melee I sharp 1 if you use this kit.

20000 exp Chronoshift : wooden gear leather armour. Has a clock, can be used to go back to the last spot you die and has all the health, armour inventory things etc.

25000 exp Swapper : Wooden gear except shovel and leather armour. Has a cd and can swap places with anyone that you can see. But, has a limited range. It also can swap through blocks.

25000 exp Assassin : Includes leather armour wooden gear and a assassin feather, which makes you invisible for 5 or 6 seconds and no fall damage. The invisibility isn’t useful since there’s trail debris so it’s only partially invisible. The armour is removed when you turn invisible automagically. The cool down is 30 seconds.

25000 exp Scout : Leather armour wooden gear except shovel, gold sword and a grapple. The grapple has no cool down, and composes of a altered fishing rod. You can practically fly around the map. The second priority kit.

25000 exp Berserker : you spawn with leather, healing I potion wooden gear except shovel and a stone sword. Every kill you make, you gain an additional health, can be stacked up to 20 hp. If your hp falls below 40%, you deal extra damage per hit.

25000 exp Vampire : Includes night vision potion, stone sword and wooden gear (except shovel). The night vision pot is not soul bound.

25000 exp Enchanter : what every player needs first. It gives extra exp levels every time you mine, and useful for getting prot4. Gives gold sword, wooden gear except shovel.

25000 exp Ninja : comes with wooden gear leather armour and a ghast tear. The ghast tear is the same as a assassin feather. Same cool down. It can also give others no fall damage immunity.

25000 exp Acrobat : no fall damage, has a ability to jump every 30 seconds. Wooden gear and leather armour. There’s a unfixed bug.

25000 exp Defender : Regen 2 at base and wooden gear leather armour. Extra 5 hearts. According to a anni player, there’s no armour and the regen doesn’t work. Supposedly a bug.

25000 exp Miner : has a eff 1 stone pick wooden gear except shovel and leather armour. There’s this thing called minerlag, where you can’t mine ores cause it reverts back to the ore.

25000 exp Pyro : has a stone sword wooden gear except shovel leather armour and deals fire aspect with any sword. Not particularly useful but it also has fire resistance permanent.

25000 exp Scorpio : wooden gear, leather armour. Has a hook, a nether star, can be thrown to hook people to them. Useful to stop pot rushers. Note there’s no fall damage if you get hit by someone who has scorp and fall.

25000 exp Succubus : has a chance to kill a player if his or her go is under 40%. Has a cool down.

25000 exp Thor : Has a chance to zap people. Usual gear, but a gold axe and deals 4 hearts regardless of their armour.

25000 exp Transporter : Can put a tp to anywhere except the no build zone near the nexus. If you die the tp is broken.

Note all kits has a compass and most kit equipment is soulsbound

Kit ideas

Plague: has a immunity to poison spells and has a soul bound splash Poison 2 potion. Kit would cost 30000 exp. would be a effective pot rush stopper.

Merger: Costs 30000 exp. has a choice to merge 2 kits from 2 different exp difference (archer and scout for example and berserker and scout wouldn’t work).

Warlord: cost 10000 exp. would be the next step after warrior kit. Has a chance to deal x2 damage.

Mapmaker: cost 7500 exp. has a map of the map, with indicators of where SAME TEAM MEMBERS ONLY are shown on it.

Pot rusher: cost 25000 exp: has a soulbound regen 1 pot and leather armour wooden gear.

Updated pyro: Fire aspect on all swords, and a flame bow.

Gapple: 10000 exp. gives 16 apples and a fortune 1 stone pick. The kit is to have people craft gapples.

I also suggest kits from kitpvp can be stolen and inputted here.

Ways to win: there’s a type of people who AFK in a good team. That’s boring. Another way is to get p4 sharp 3 or 4 and farm opponents. This means that getting star 2 regen 1 pots and 1 shot opponents. If the opposing nexus has anything over 1, the teams player respawns unless if the nexus dies. There’s fixed spawn locations, so make splash pots grab a few friends and pots away! Every 1 kill gives 4 exp.
Another way is to scorp people into a sky base built with a lumberjack kit (wood logs replenish too but not wood planks) to make a base over the opposing team.
The iron blocks, dia blocks gold blocks etc can’t be broken. In the desert or Meteor map some people troll you by covering the enderfurnace with them.
Enderfurnaces are where you smelt but people can’t steal.

Most favoured map by players. Consists of a standard map. Has 8 or 9 anvils per base.

In middle of the map, diamonds spawn at phase 1. And the endertable can be stolen. Has 2 anvils per base and can also be stolen. ( I suggest the ender table be moved to a safer place where people can’t steal it).

Normal map. Easy to hit opponent nexus. What old players would call ‘a scouts paradise’.

A classic map, the diamonds spawn at phase 3 like all other map. Nothing special.

At the lapis mine, pots spawn naturally, green team has a strength 1 pot. Diamonds spawn at phase 1, 2 spawning points at mid.

If you use the right hack (which is illegal) you can access secret diamonds at phase 1. Harder to rush without assassin or pots to hit nexus. Also this special hack you can get creative mode for 5 mins, as according to a banned hacker Axer_Axer.

Desert: more popular than castles. Same things in castles, no early diamonds. Also, no anvil.

Rare map not usually chosen. There’s a hidden ‘back door’ for scouts assassin or ninja. Almost immediate access to nexus.
Dia as usual in phase 3.

uncommonly chosen map. Nothing out of the ordinary. There’s a place where if you mine down, you can bypass a lot of defense. 3 or 4 blocks down you’ll find a sewer and gains access to almost beside nexus. Be careful, one of the place has a crevice, something that needs to be fixed. There’s also a team that if you glitch correctly you can go underneath the nexus and mine up (not sure if it’s illegal... I also don’t know how to mine like that).
Early dia.

People to ask for help
Don’t bother asking Allen he doesn’t play here
Skytheguy (me)
JimmyitsPro (old player)
ProX_Terms (moderator)

Literally anyone else who has good /stats and is not hacker lol.
***good stats means having tens of thousands of kills and as much deaths***

That’s pretty much all you need to know about this game.

To make a fake dm so everyone can see, copy paste this:
/me &6->&c me&6]&f (msg)
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Oh damn typo I meant updated
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/givexp - giving your xp to player when you get pity :d
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nc skytheguy for guide but i wanted to know /gkits how to claim it!!! my noob level is now 9999 but i didnt still know this :( :d
Posted Mar 23, 19
that a long of list but you should make the name more cooler and the kit more reason able. Jungle map has anvil too!
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