As you can see in my minimap Plusitive has light blue hair, but the other has a crown of flowers while the Original one has red hair clip and black headphones with partial red color. I just only want to know who is behind this copy cat situation

Whoever this is must be a really desperate girl wanting to be me but let me tell you what.

I am a boy because this is a cross-play. What is she copying me for?

Message for the Imposter: "Sure, you can waste your life selling items in /warp shop to 50m and get a donor rank for yourself or waste your own money on pixelated rank and items just to try and add fake evidence that you are the real one, but what for? I am just a poor guy trying to have fun and with other poor foreign people taking a break a break from my studying and trying to enjoy the game when you are now adding some more problems on my list, can't you just simply go to your original account and let's just try to have fun instead of copying each other.