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Below are some of our most common questions, if you still have questions, please check out our support resource page Support Page
How do I register?
You can register using the /register command.
/register <Password>
For example - If you wanted to register using the password "apple"
/register apple
How do reset my password?
If you know your password you can reset it using the /changepassword command.
/changepassword <oldPassword> <newPassword>
For example - If your current password is "apple" and you want to change it to "orange"
/changepassword apple orange

If you do not remember your password you can get a new one by opening a support ticket.
How long will it take for my support ticket to be answered?
Most support tickets are usually answered within 2 days but some issues may take longer.
Where can I report cheating?
Cheating can be reported in the cheating section of the forums.
How do I get unmuted/unbanned?
If you belive your ban/mute was made in error open a ban appeal on the forums.