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Welcome to the Cosmic Craft staff application page.
Filling out this page is the first step to becoming staff on Cosmic Craft.

Filling out an application is not enough to become a moderator.
Applications are not always marked denied but are instead kept and taken into consideration for a later date.

If you do not get a reply right away assume this is the case with yours.

Having Skype is a requirement

Submitting an application with inaccurate information
will disqualify you from holding a staff position.
Which other usernames have you been known as?
You will not be disqualified because of previous accounts. You will be if you do not disclose them.
Skype username
Required for a staff rank.
How long have you been on the server?
Which Cosmic Craft servers are you most active on?
What is your first/native language?
Which other languages are you fluent in?
This question can be left blank if none
I will not ask or speak to Allen about my application.
I will not ask or speak to Allen about the application process.
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